Need to sell? Our buyers will compete

So, you have a home full of furniture, a business full of equipment, your grandpa’s shop full of car parts, or a piece of real estate? Well I’m here to tell you,  I CAN SELL IT ALL!  Our company, South Auction & Realty specializes in estates, business liquidation, real estate, and really anything under the sun that you need to turn into cash. 

There is a good chance YOU or SOMEONE YOU KNOW needs an auction. Our online bidding process has proven results and it creates a very seamless process for both the buyer and seller. View our current Johnny Harris Restaurant, Savannah, GA auction HERE.


Here are 5 reasons to choose the auction method:

  1. We handle it all – Our team will come inspect your property, picture it, and post it online. The seller has no involvement or responsibilities in this process. There is no negotiating with buyers on price like a yard sale or Craigslist. No hassle, period.
  2. Everything is gone – The good thing about an auction is, we sell everything. Very rarely do we have an item without a bid. Most of our auctions will have between 200-400 items. We usually average maybe 5 items without a bid, if that. Unlike a tag sale or yard sale where you have a stack of unwanted items to haul off. We handle the load out day with buyers and collect all payments via credit card.
  3. Online bidding – Our online auctions run for 10 – 14 days, depending on the items. This gives us plenty of time to advertise, engage the public, sign up bidders, and conduct open houses. This also gives a bidder time to become invested in the process. The bidder then begins to compete with others and in turn drives the prices up.
  4. True market value – We pride ourselves on finding true market value on any item or piece of real estate. Antiques Roadshow or Kelly Blue Book might tell you how much something is worth….but the only way to truly find out is to see how much someone will pay. In some cases bidders will pay more for an item on an auction when they could buy it at Wal-Mart for less. They simply get caught up in the fun and competitiveness of an auction.
  5. Easy & fast – The process will start by our team coming to look at your items or real estate. We will then both sign an auction agreement and agree upon our fee’s. Next we catalog your items, post the auction online, conduct a 10 -14 day auction, collect payment, supervise load out, and then pay you, our seller, within 7 days of the final bid.

Call or email me anytime  – Brent Stephens 706-442-5513  or

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